Caba Milena

Spanish Teacher

Phone: +420 607 277 078

Milena grew up in Mexico. Thanks to her Czech mum and the Mexican environment she learned to perceive cultural diversity, the wealth of language and the meaning of language knowledge for understanding the diversity of the world whilst still a child. This knowledge led her to acquire many skills while living and studying in Mexico, the US, the UK, Indonesia and Spain.

Teaching foreign languages is Milena’s true calling. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious even for the most apathetic teenagers. In addition to her extensive experience in teaching children, young people and adults at primary, secondary and language schools, she was also involved in the preparation of modern Spanish textbooks. She has been passing her experience onwards in training courses for teachers in recent years.


2012 | Universidad de Jaén, Spain, Applied Linguistics and Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language


Milena has 20 years’ experience in teaching children, young people and adults on various knowledge levels. She collaborated in the preparation of textbooks published by Klett and Albatros. She leads workshops at the Association of Spanish Teachers (AUŠ-APE), Instituto Cervantes and other courses focusing on innovative teaching methods.


Milena likes listening to world music, reading literature, watching webinars and TV series so she can then adapt these materials for education. In her spare time she does volunteering in the Catholic Parish of Saint Thomas. Also, she breeds reptiles and mammals, and does birdwatching. Yoga and swimming are part of her daily routines.