Michalik Luděk

Grammar School Deputy Head Teacher for Administration, Mathematics Teacher, DofE (The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards) Programme Coordinator

E-mail: michalik@opengate.cz

Luděk took several training sessions as part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. He has been an external collaborator of the Research Institute of Education since 2006. He became a member of the International DofE Pool of Trainers and a member of the National Pool of Trainers for the same programme in the Czech Republic in 2013.


1993-2000 | Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague, Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Education and Department of Physical Education, Mathematics and Physical Education


Having graduated university, Luděk taught Maths and Physical Education at a grammar school. He left to work at a private boarding school in Stamford, UK as part of an Open Society Fund project in 2002. He extended what was initially a one-year stay, teaching at a government school in the same town. He passed the FCE and CAE exams in the two years. He added teaching English to PE and Maths at an eight-year grammar school when he returned to the Czech Republic. He has been working at Open Gate since 2005.


Luděk tries to play sports all the time, although he is increasingly short of time. He likes skiing and ball games, primarily football. Bringing up two sons also takes up a lot of his time, and this is where all didactic theses fall short. He occasionally goes to theatre shows and reads interesting non-mathematics books.