• „Open Gate has given me the option to go further, constantly
    develop myself, fight end never give up my dreams.“
    Matěj Šindelář, student

  • „For all who truly want to become knowledgeable and are not lazy to do something
    for themselves and their environment, Open Gate is the best option.“
    Aurélia Loštická, parent

  • „People limit themselves by what they think are their abilities. Everyone can go as far as their
    mind will let them. Open Gate helps everybody reach what they believe in.“
    Jana Errington, teacher

  • „Open Gate is a school which parents envy their children.“
    Jitka Švejdová, parent

  • „When I think about the school, I remember a number
    of inspirational people – both students and teachers.“
    Zdeněk Kutil, graduate

  • „Building self-awareness and inner strength is a strategy
    that helps our students find truth – this is our vision
    for positive personal development.“
    Natália Balogová, teacher

  • News

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    Students Journalism

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  • Video

    Open Gate is the first purely Czech grammar school which obtained accreditation for the International Baccalaureate in 2009. The Kellner Family Foundation financially supports those students who came to Open Gate from children's homes, foster, broken or low-income families.

    The Open Gate Primary School teaches under the Opening the Gates educational program, which promotes the students’ all-round development.

  • School Journals

    You can learn about the news at Open Gate in the journals written by the Grammar School students and the Primary School pupils and teachers.

    The OG Chronicle is a student journal featuring school news, student creative writing, sample essays, poetry, photography, artwork and favourite recipes. OG NOTes is a unique magazine, because it is trilingual. The magazine KrOGnika brings together Czech literary creations written by students and teachers.

    The primary school newsletter kličenka keeps pupils and teachers up to date about current events in our primary school.

    Download the latest issues of magazines

    OG Chronicle
    OG NOTes
    OG Chronicle
  • Alumni and University

    In 2009 the first graduates left Open Gate. They were accepted to universities in the Czech Republic (i.e. Charles' University or Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague) and the world. Each year, about a half of the students choose to study abroad. The countries of interest are Great Britain (i.e. London Metropolitan University or University of St Andrews), the United States (i.e. Yale University or Columbia University), Switzerland (Universität Zürich), Spain (European University, Barcelona) or Italy (Bocconi School Milano).

    Most students choose from a number of universities to which they have been accepted.

  • Student Campus

    “It is our aim at Open Gate to provide all the conditions for our students to graduate and leave the school as well-rounded young people who are ready to face life with not only their intellectual but also their social and emotional sides fully developed. This mission is also fulfilled by a wide range of extracurricular activities available for our students at the school premisses.”

    The school campus is modern and richly equipped. There is the theatre hall, the ceramics, textile, wood and metal workshops, art studio, the school farm with horses, goats and sheep, mini ZOO with exotic fauna and flora, indoor swimming pool, music and recording studio, outdoor and indoor sport facilities.

  • The Kellner Family Foundation

    The Kellner Family Foundation's main goal is to support education. Since its conception, The Foundations has expended significant resources to help hundreds of children and young people whose path to education would have been very difficult otherwise.

    Since 2002, Renáta and Petr Kellner have actively support gifted children and young people from socially disadvantaged areas. In 2002, they started to run the Educa Foundation designed to support students at Open Gate boarding school. Gradually however, the Foundation broadened its focus and began to support university students in the Czech Republic and abroad. In 2011, the Educa Foundation merged with The Kellner Family Foundation which overtook all of its existing projects.

    Support for education is The Kellner Family Foundation’s core, but not the only, activity. It also dedicates efforts to the renewal of the philanthropic traditions and cultural heritage in the Czech Republic.