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As with dreams and hopes, a good education belongs to one of those internal things which cannot be taken from you. Therefore, at Open Gate School we lead our students and pupils to understand that education is not only a synonym for quality life, but also for freedom. The school spreads this awareness through forms and methods of teaching and in the way how students use their free time.

We educate talented students motivated to their studies without taking their social status into concern. Thanks to the social and academic grants provided by The Kellner Family Foundation, the education offered at our school is also available for children coming from socially disadvantaged areas.

Residence at the student dormitories enables the students to not only experience an intensive school life, but also to participate in daily school activities, which are not common at other schools.

Apart from State A levels, Open Gate School prepares students for the IB. Open Gate School is the first truly Czech grammar school certified since 2009 to teach according to the standards of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The students leaving Open Gate School each year are able to succeed at universities abroad despite the enormous competition of other young people.

Ze života Open Gate Open Gate School teaches students to find effective solutions which differ from the mainstream. The students are not afraid to reach their goals by finding original ways with the use of their own talent and good education.
The basis of our modern educational method is to teach students and pupils how to work with information. They not only learn ways how to find facts, but also what to do with them - how to sort, understand and evaluate them. The understanding of given knowledge and its critical evaluation becomes second nature for each student of Open Gate School.

Education is not only an issue of mind and reason, but also of heart and feeling. Open Gate School stresses this. Through extracurricular activities, students get into situations and environments which not only develop the intellectual and emotional sides of their personality. The awareness that not everybody has been given the same possibilities and chances, not only motivates these students to study with more effort, but it also gives them the possibility to understand other environments and different worldviews.
Open Gate is an open, free, multiple oriented and modern school. This can be observed not only by taking into account the list of the subjects taught. The best proof are the people who study here and who meet the world head on after their graduation.

Peter Nitsche
Headmaster of Open Gate School.