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Open Gate is a school that promotes an open-minded approach to talent.

It therefore provides academically, artistically, technically and/or athletically gifted students with opportunities to excel. In the world of education, our school offers a unique venue for those who seek a high academic standard while longing for their own personal space allowing them to develop in other areas of their interest as well.

At Open Gate School, we encourage students to look for original solutions, and we appreciate creativity, respect individuality, and create an environment for the specific development of each and every individual. We accompany students on the path to finding their own enjoyment of the infinite number of the avenues that today’s world is offering them.

Through living this diversity, we promote tolerance and social responsibility in students, and guide them towards their active participation in the events that surround them on the regional and global scale. Through sharing everyday joys and sorrows with and amongst students having very different socioeconomic backgrounds, our school is building a cohesive community based on mutual respect, trust and help. We all meet on a number of occasions – not only in classes but also during the broad range of extracurricular activities and in the environment of the school’s dormitories where the students are lodged during the school year.

Hand-in-hand with their teachers, our school’s students can pick the methods whereby they achieve their educational targets. Employing the latest technology, we involve all students in instruction in a manner that considers their own individual learning styles and tempo.

In line with the principles of education for the 21st century, we place emphasis on the all-round development of our students, whose individual progress we reflect in the assessment of their performance. At Open Gate School, we educate for the future; in each dimension of our everyday work we continuously evaluate the impacts of our decisions on the world around us.

The student is a partner of the school for us and as such, the student contributes to the formation of the school’s content freely and responsibly.

Kateřina Kožnarová

OPEN GATE - Grammar and Primary School