Final of debating legue in the House of Commons

Four teams (with a high number of points) qualified for the final, happening in the House of Commons (two in Czech and two in English) - two of the teams were made only of Open Gate students and the other two were a mix with mainly Open Gate students.

For the Czech debating league the teams were: Důdovské kombíčko (Anna Mikolášková, Martin Jaroš a Anežka Svobodová - students of Open Gate) and Iterum Sequimur (Václav Soukup, Šimon Podhajský, Tereza Janková - Open Gate and Lenka Habětínová - Gymnasium Nad Alejí).

And teams which got through to the English league finals were: Fortes Folks (Alisa Timiryasova, Jan Michalčák - both of Open Gate, Jana Lohrová - ISP and Jiří Píza - Gymnasium Nad Alejí) and again Iterum Sequimur which managed to qualify in both branches.

Both the Czech and English finals were won by Iterum Sequimur. Second place in the Czech branch was given to Důdovské kombíčko (team of Open Gate students) and third place went to team TOGO from Nymburk. In the English branch the first place was won, as mentioned above, by Iterum Sequimur and in second place came Fortes Folks, and the greatly deserved third place went to Důdovské kombíčko.

The individual competition for the best seeker was won in both Czech and English by OG student Šimon Podhajský and, in third place in the Czech branch league, Vašek Soukup.