News from Primary school

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a good week. We had a very enjoyable week in Open Gate primary school.

It was a busy week for the Czech assistants and teachers because of the interviews for prospective class 1 students next year and I am sure some of our current students will have younger brothers and sisters joining us in September!

As April is ecological month in schools in the Czech Republic, the students of class 3 and Sasa went around the grounds of Open Gate school and picked up litter and helped make our wonderful campus even more wonderful, so if you notice how nice it looks, say a little thank you to class 3!

I am also sure all the primary school students are working away at home on the Spring Cleaning Challenge this month. If you have any pictures of them, please send them to the English teachers.

On Thursday this week, we had special afternoon programs for all the classes. It was a great afternoon! The students from classes 1, 2 and half of class 3 had an art program in the afternoon with Jana, Monika and Felizardo which they thoroughly enjoyed.

The other half of class 3 and classes 4 and 5 had a sports program with Ilonka, Eric and Luke and it was very enjoyable afternoon of playing floorball!

Next week is a shorter week as we prepare for Easter. There are no classes on Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday, we will have morning oasis assembly together in the foyer at 8.30 and then, class teachers and English teachers will be doing Easter themed classes and the class schedule on Wednesday will be like Friday. There will be no krouzky on Wednesday, Druzina is until 15.00 and the school bus will leave Open Gate at 13.20.

Next week is also an important week for the students of class 5. On Tuesday and Wednesday, they will be doing gymnasium entrance exams. I am sure they are feeling a little stressed about it (and I’m sure some of the parents are too), but I know they are all very hard working students and all of us in Open Gate wish them the very best of luck and hope they do very well!

In class 3 on Monday, there is the 3rd Class Easter Meeting (Velikonoční setkání 3.třídy) from 15.30-19.30 where the students will prepare Easter crafts with parents before enjoying a tasty dinner in the canteen.

Class 2 will go on Monday, after morning oasis, with Tereka, Ilonka and Bara D to visit the senior home in Mukarov. I am sure they will have a lovely morning!

As I know you have heard, two of the workers on the construction site were involved in an accident last Monday. We all wish them a full recovery and our thoughts are with them and their families at this time.

I hope you all have a very enjoyable weekend.

Za celý tým ZŠ