News from Primary school

Dear parents,

this was the first week in the primary school without Jirka. We all really miss him and we hope he is settling in well in his new school.

But of course life goes on and there were still lessons to be taught and the great team of people in the primary school were back working hard on Monday, teaching the wonderful students that we have in Open Gate!

Monday saw the start of the annual Spring Cleaning Challenge and all the students were given their task sheets to work on during the month of April. If you get any good photos of them doing some of the jobs, please send them to Jana, Eric or me.

Next week, on Thursday, most of the Czech staff are on a training day so we will have normal classes in the morning and then different programs in the afternoon. For students from classes 1, 2 and some of class 3, there will be an art program run by Jana, Monika and Felizardo. For the rest of class 3 and classes 4 and 5, there will be a sports program run my Eric, Ilonka and me. Morning and afternoon druzina will operate as normal as will krouzky.

Students do not need to wear uniforms on Thursday but should wear clothing appropriate for the activity they will do. Eric has already divided class 3 into who will do the art program and who will do the sports program.

So from everyone in the primary school, we wish you all a very enjoyable, and hopefully sunny, weekend!