Open Gate 
Grammar School

We open gates to better methods of education. We approach teaching differently and treat our students as partners.

Open Gate welcomed 103 primary school pupils and 302 grammar school students to its 18th school year

Open Gate welcomed 103 primary school pupils and 302 grammar school students to its 18th school year

Petra Dobešová, previously the managing director of OPEN GATE - gymnázium a základní škola, s.r.o., has been named the Head of Open Gate School. The school has a stable body of teaching staff, just under a third of whom are male and a fifth of whom are native speakers of languages other than Czech.

OG Chronicle Edition 3

OG Chronicle Edition 3

For the third and final time this academic year, the OG Journalism Club has lovingly created and is proud to present Edition 3 of the school newspaper.

OG Chronicle: Edition 2

OG Chronicle: Edition 2

Edition 2 of the Chronicle student is here, again proudly presented by the OG Journalism Club.

Winter atmosphere in OG

Winter atmosphere in OG

The snow blanket covered the entire school grounds and encouraged not only children from primary school to have fun.

 Christmas atmosphere in OG

Christmas atmosphere in OG

As everything is upside down this year, we can only share the Christmas atmosphere at our school with you from a distance.

 Karel Cudlín's walk through the Open Gate complex

Karel Cudlín's walk through the Open Gate complex

Open Gate starts its 16th year with 293 grammar school students and 99 pupils in the primary school’s junior years. This year, as every year, a significant number of grammar school students have scholarships from The Kellner Family Foundation set up by Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner.

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We teach as we ourselves would like to learn: in an interactive manner and in small groups, with emphasis placed on personal development and talent. Our students take both Czech and international school leaving exams, but above all we prepare them for life.

School Leaving Exam

We prepare students for the International Baccalaureate (IB) exams, as well as for the Czech state school leaving exams. At the end of their studies, the students decide for themselves which exams to take. They often choose both.

The Teaching Staff at the Grammar School

What is an Open Gate teacher like? First and foremost, it is inspiring. Moreover, Open Gate’s international teaching staff include kind and patient specialists with a broad range of academic and teaching experience. They bring innovative teaching methodologies into the classroom, and are committed to lifelong learning.

Petra Dobešová
Managing Director of OPEN GATE – gymnázium a základní škola, s.r.o.

Petra Dobešová has extensive experience with project management and advising on the strategic management and restructuring of firms in the Czech Republic and abroad. She recently developed her teaching skills by completing the Primary Schools and Secondary Schools programme - ‘Teaching Subjects’ at the Second Level Diploma.

Luděk Michalik
Grammar School Deputy Head Teacher, Mathematics Teacher, DofE Programme Coordinator

Luděk took several training sessions as part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. He has been an external collaborator of the Research Institute and became a member of the International DofE Pool of Trainers and a member of the National Pool of Trainers for the same programme in the Czech Republic.

Petr Šlemenda
Head of School

Petr graduated in English Language Teacher Education for the first tier of primary schools from the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy of the University of Pardubice; he has also completed a number of courses as part of a continuing education programme in the Czech Republic and abroad. He is also certified as an examiner for czech maturita (school leaving) examinations. 

Ondřej Bílý
Grammar School Academy Deputy Head Teacher, 
Teacher of Biology and Chemistry, Coordinator of the Science Café programme and Manager of the Biology in Practice project

Ondřej is a graduate of the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague. Ondřej is a great traveller, and incorporates his passion into practice with his students, for whom he organises various trips and excursions, or educational expeditions focusing on the history and natural beauty of the Czech Republic and abroad. Ondřej is the creator of the educational programme Biology in Practice.

Acceptance Procedure

We are an eight-year grammar school that accepts students after they complete their fifth year of primary school. It is also possible to enter the school in a higher year. We use Cermat state tests for entrance exams though we also highly value a spoken interview.

School Campus

A top-class laboratory, music studio, school theatre and a richly stocked library. What’s more, you’ll find a swimming pool, fitness centre, sports courts and a sports hall. We cater for the development of every talent.

Extracurricular Activities

We believe that a lot can be learned about life outside of classroom instruction, sometimes even more valuable than school itself. In order to develop the various talents of our students we offer them a range of diverse extracurricular activities.


We think that helping people is normal. This is something that school should teach everyone. For this reason we encourage our students to help others each and every day.

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Open Gate’s approach to all activities meets the requirements of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DofE). Many Open Gate students are holders of one or more of the awards from this programme.


Tens of young people have already graduated from Open Gate Grammar School. These include individuals who went on to become doctors, scientists, lawyers, architects, entrepreneurs, economists and artists… in fact all manner of professions.