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Traditional Christmas Revue

Christmas Dinner II

Christmas Dinner I

Hallooween 2019

Halloween is held at the end of October? Not at Open Gate...

School Year 2019 / 2020 has started

Welcome assembly opened the 15th school year of Open Gate's history.

Iran in OG Café

Taking Open Gate to Iran would be very difficult indeed, but on Thursday 2. 5. four Septima students managed to bring Iran to Open Gate.

Run and Help 2019

In Barcelona with robots

The six-member Open Gate team brought Miloš to Barcelona. Miloš the Robot.

Floorball Tournament in Čelákovice

Our team won the second place on Floorball Tournament in Čelákovice.

OG Biathlon

Bø, Fak, Fourcade, Bjørndalen and Svendsen at OG? Not really but...

No Taboo Conference 2019

See the photogallery from the successful school project.

Mid-Term Reports