Kobrová Petra

Primary School Teacher

E-mail: kobrova@opengate.cz
Phone: +420 606 022 543

Petra has been in education her entire life; on joining the first grade she taught her younger sisters who still have fond memories of this today. She has enjoyed her position as a primary school teacher of the first grades for more than 20 years.


1994-2000, Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague, Department of Primary Education, Teaching at the First Level of Primary Schools


Petra has been in education since 1993.  She worked for three years at a primary/art school in Velké Popovice. She then spent 18 years at the Bezručova Primary School in Říčany. She has been teaching at OPEN GATE Primary School at the first level since 2010.


In her free time Petra likes to play the piano, read books and meet with her friends.