News from Primary school

Dear parents and friends of the school,

On behalf of our school club team I would like to say hello and welcome you all into the new academic year.

We are delighted to finally open the school club’s „gates“ again after such a long time and welcome your children back. We were especially excited to welcome Class 1, our new little friends. We hope they will enjoy coming here and we will spend many pleasant moments together playing, creating and talking.

The children are learning the school club’s rules, which need to be followed both indoors and in the garden. That’s where we spend a lot of time nowadays, because the weather has truly been beautiful and we want to enjoy the sunlight and warmth as much as we can. Of course, we will continue to spend time outdoors all year long; we will only need to rely on warm clothes more in the future.

For the children who don’t particularly feel like playing outside or who have already had their fill of running and rollicking, we have a supply of board games, crosswords, magazines, building blocks or ideas for art projects. During the summer vacation we cleaned and decorated the school club, but we can’t wait to fill the display boards, walls and windows with our little artists’ works!

Every day we encounter a number of rules and regulations that concern the school club too. The children are divided into two groups, they have to wear face masks in the corridors, they regularly wash their hands etc. They all respect these rules and despite these difficult conditions they are happy at the club. They often don’t even want to go home; for us, that is the most beautiful recognition of our work.

And how did the children spend the third week of school?

Class 1 have learnt all vowels this week. During the Morning Oases they learnt the Czech part of the school anthem and they now enjoy signing it whenever possible. In Maths, they tackled the “step” method and other tricky problems. On Tuesday, they went swimming for the first time and they had a great time. At the end of the week, they created their own alien to help them with reading.

The globetrotters in Class 2 decorated their suitcases and set out on a trip around the world. And because exploring new things should start with the things closest to us, they started their journey in the Czech Republic. They will stay here a while and thoroughly examine the Czech region. They will sing Czech anthem and take a look at other symbols of our motherland. They will pop into Prague and visit some castles and chateaus.

Class 2’s favourite subject is Maths. So far they revise and practice mathematical environments that they discovered last year. However, they are already getting ready to explore new ones. They study “wood floors,” make cube constructions, untangle webs and they’re having a great time.

Their writing exercise book is filling up with letters. For now, the letters are still a bit wobbly and shaky, but with their effort, that will soon change!

Class 2 had their very first spelling test this week. They were very excited about it which was wonderful to see and they all tried very hard. I see a lot of spellings masters for the future in class 2.

Class 3 had a beautiful Morning Oasis with Bára at the end of last week. They each created their own mandala. The mandalas were beautiful and original, so wonderful to look at!

In Class 3 this week for the World Around Us, we learnt about some of the Geography of the Czech Republic. It was a great way to practice different compass points, to learn where different cities, rivers, mountains and regions are in the country and to learn the names of the neighbouring countries in English.

Class 4 have experienced a teambuilding event packed with action. The whole class bonded from morning till night, literally. The children had a sleepover at school, they tested their fitness during a cycling trip and swimming. The program also included games with their English teachers, teambuilding games and a drum circle by the fire.

Class 5 were working on a mini-project this week, exploring the regions of Czech Republic, while also using the numbers of inhabitants in regions and towns in Maths. They practiced calculations, rounding numbers, advanced number record and number ordering, as well as matching towns with the corresponding regions.

They also used tablets to finish their presentations about the state symbols.

This week in class 5, we had our first lesson based on the music project we will work on during the year. We learnt the names of different musical instruments in English and watched some videos to hear how the instruments sound. We also listened to how different instruments can be used to play songs not traditionally associated with such instruments and also how songs from one genre of music can be interpreted and played in a very different genre on music.

I wish you a relaxing and peaceful weekend.

On behalf of the school club’s assistants,