News from Primary school

Dear Parents, Legal Guardians,

the atmosphere at our school was intimate again this week after a long time. Fortunately, no coronavirus measures were to blame. Second graders, third graders, fourth and fifth graders enjoyed School in Nature. We believe that they have gained enough strength in the last two weeks, as well as a good mood that the rest of the school year they will soar with ease and joy.

Class 1

The freshmen enjoyed an empty school this week. They had peace of mind presenting their final theses, so the fear passed quickly. We learned a lot, from new species of animals to high-speed trains and Lego. We did not forget to visit the library, where we explored the supply of their board games. They also took advantage of the fact that the outdoor playground was only for them and their laughter came from all corners of the area. They were accompanied throughout the week by Krtek and his friends. They drew, read, counted and wrote with him. Although we really enjoyed having an hour for lunch, we are already looking forward to our friends from the upper classes. (TČ)

What a week the first graders had!  We had the whole school to ourselves, and we enjoyed every minute of it! We also learned about many new things during our presentations. The English sentences used were amazing! It’s incredible to see how far our first graders have come this year! We are beginning to get very excited for our School in Nature trip and in preparation we learned to draw the characters from Ctyrlistek during art class. (CJ)

Class 2 & 3

Globetrotters and Researchers Dominated Sobeňák

Immediately upon arrival at the campus, it was clear to all of us that this school in nature will be exceptional, unforgettable and full of experiences! The area seems to be tailored to our needs - even the buildings match the colors of the classrooms with their colors - so the 2nd graders inhabited the red house and the Class 3 Researchers inhabited the green house. After an excellent lunch, we went on a tour of the surrounding area. After dinner, we played a lot of fun games, during which we had the opportunity to test our mimicry muscles, among other things. We studied during the morning on Tuesday - but you can guess how it went. In nature, it is simply a different kind of teaching. We also worked on our presentation skills, in four workshops. The afternoon was marked by various sports - we tried, for example, "squeezer", football slalom, target throw, hockey, frisbee, kubb, and there was even a boat trip ending in only the expected water battle. The evening film screening was a pleasant end to the whole day. We planned a full day trip on Wednesday - despite Marie's forecasts, she announced sunny weather, but the radar did not agree with her, so we chose a full day trip in Sobeňák. In the morning we had our brain cells taken over during the quiz about Prague, after lunch we went to build a forest city for the elves and upon our return we found treasure. The path to it was not easy - the cipher was hidden in the Morse code. But since we pulled on one rope, we deciphered the cipher and the treasure was ours! Thursday morning was marked by a pilgrimage to nearby Rožmitál. We visited the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, where Jakub Jan Ryba worked. Dear Mrs. Hoyerová  told us very engagingly not only about the church, but also about the life and work of Jakub Jan Ryba. The organist played a piece of Rybovka for us and we were able to thoroughly inspect the entire choir. Then we went to a nearby square, had some homemade ice cream and headed back to the area where Luke was already waiting for us. In the afternoon we played sports again, played some other various games, learned a little and prepared for the evening DISCO - TRISKO. The daredevils from the second and third classes set out on the path of courage. On Friday morning we slowly packed up, still enjoying our stay in nature, and after lunch we went home. Many thanks to the whole team of the Soběňák campus and most of all to Mr. Neuberger for his great care. We really enjoyed the whole time together. The only flaw in its beauty is - it escaped very quickly!

Globetrotters, Researchers, Andrejka, Jerry, Marie, Martin, Saša and Sašenka.

Class 4 & 5

Together the 4th and 5th graders headed out to Hotel Vystrkově, which carries the same name as the nearby dam-Orlik. As a rule, we as teachers always try to present new knowledge and experiences to our students but it is a challenge! This week showed us that our students know almost everything. They have been everywhere and understand things deeply-so much so that they showed us the same confidence as their year 9-12 counterparts. We started the week in a beautiful environment whose features were perfect for all types of sporting activities. After unpacking we set out to explore the surrounding area and nearby dam. Dams, of course, warrant our full attention.  This plus the warm weather and the call of  the vast and clean water allowed the students to do their part! They built sandcastles and even tested the water temperature. In the evening they enjoyed the hot tub and indoor pool-which gave them the opportunity to truly appreciate the difference between hot and cold water! The next day we went on a cruise around the dam and visited Orlik Castle and Zvikov Castle.  Those interested in history enjoyed browsing the indoor exhibition after which they proclaimed that Zvikov is the most important early Gothic royal castle in the Czech lands. They said that its magnificent architecture combined with its rich history contribute to its calm and picturesque setting. This calming day gave way to an active dance party hosted by Luke Ryan aka DJ Flukey. Thursday was inspired by the spirit of the Olympic games where winning-not participation was the goal! In the spirit of fair play the students participated in many disciplines. In the end they all won- not only medals but also valuable prizes. We all really enjoyed School in Nature this year  but we are already looking forward to coming home and sharing our stories with all of  you. 

Enjoy weekend!
Whole Primary School Team

Petr Šlemenda