The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is a voluntary programme for young people that supports them in their personal development, skills for future life and work and social skills. It is ranked as by far the most widespread programme in the field of non-formal education.

The philosophy of the DofE naturally resonates with Open Gate: both are founded on experiential education and developing the abilities of students themselves, as well as their capacities for cooperation, mutual understanding and tolerance. Self-reflection and self-evaluation are also key.

Young people set themselves individual goals and challenges in four areas

  • Sport
  • Skill Development
  • Helping Others/Volunteering
  • Expeditions

They strengthen their responsibility and perseverance, get to know and surpass themselves and acquire new skills. The DofE offers three levels of difficulty – bronze, silver and gold. By participating in the programme students become part of an international community, and some of them carry on promoting the programme at other schools even after attaining a gold award.

Our students fulfil all three levels of the award. Achieving Bronze Level usually takes three months. Students have the opportunity to apply for this award every February, provided that they are in their fifth, sixthor seventh year. Achieving Silver level takes six months. Students can apply if they have previously fulfilled the bronze level. Sixth- and seventh-year students can also apply in December. Only silver award holders can apply for Gold level and can do so in September at the beginning of their seventh year. Fulfilling all gold-level criteria is the most demanding and takes a year at the least.

Our school joined the program shortly after its inception and, from 2005 to this school year, our students have received 335 certificates for completing one of the levels.

Of course, all of these activities would not have been possible without the significant involvement of the school staff. 
At Open Gate we currently have a team of 11 accredited DofE programme leaders.


Romania 2010 - Gold expedition EDIE

Seven OG students attended the first ever expedition of the Gold Level of The Duke of Edinburgh Award

Weekend in Sumava – Duke of Edinburgh award

It was a nice week at school. The weather was great, no cold weather; no snow. But South Bohemia looked different...

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme