Nováková Tereza

Mathematics Teacher

Phone: +420 607 280 928

Tereza comes from Tábor and after graduating from the local grammar school she decided to study teaching. Because she loved and did lots of sports since childhood, she wanted to incorporate her hobby in her future job. In combination with physical education, she chose her favourite subject, mathematics, and later added geography.


2001-2007 | Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University in Prague, field of study Teacher Training for Secondary Schools: Physical Education – Mathematics (taught at MFF UK)

2005-2010 | Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, Geography and Mathematics with a focus on education


After finishing her first studies, Tereza taught Physical Education and Mathematics at a private grammar school in Prague, and briefly at a primary school in Úvaly. During her parental leave, she moved to Benešov with her family, where she then worked as a teacher of Mathematics and Geography at the local grammar school. She also has a year of experience from the Business Academy in Prague. During her studies and parental leave, Tereza also taught Mathematics.


Tereza mainly spends her free time with her three children, who she tries to harden (and tire) with all kinds of sports. She loves travelling and trips, walking and cycling, ideally in the mountains. Tereza has been playing basketball since she was a child and also coaches children in this sport. Among other sports, she likes volleyball, swimming, skiing and snowboarding, table tennis and various physical activities connected with music.