School Successes

What does success mean for us? Our understanding of 'success' may be less traditional than the definition of other schools.

We are very proud of the excellent, measurable, results of our students in national and international rankings and competitions. We also know that academic results alone do not ensure a feeling of success and self-​fulfilment. We are delighted when students make considerable personal progress in the course of their studies at our school.

School Successes

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​The Best School Magazine of 2017 Awards, or why not bring extra suitcase next time

For the past two years, our collective school newspapers - The OG Chronicle, OG NOTes and Krognika - have been recognized for top national prizes in the Best School Magazine in the Czech Republic contest. Because there is no alternative at present, we enroll our school newspaper into this "magazine" competition, but this hasn’t prevented us from taking the top positions in many categories. Our newspaper was awared 1st Place in Graphics, 1st Place in the Other Languages category, 2nd place in Content, and 4th Place overall. We couldn’t be prouder of our efforts!

Outstanding IB Diploma Results of the Open Gate Students

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is one of the most demanding and most complex exams of secondary schools in the world. Its prestige and popularity at top schools grows year after year.

​School Newspaper of the Year

Today was another great day for our fantastic combined school newspapers: The OG Chronicle, OG NOTes, and the Krognika.

Jasmine & Juniper: First student-produced musical at OG

The Jasmine & Juniper Musical in English Project was a full-semester production whose entire cast and crew consisted of no less than 40 prima-through-sexta students, with the older students serving as acting and backstage coaches to the younger ones.

​School magazine of the year awards

Three school representatives of the OG Chronicle student magazine team went to Brno to receive three prestigious awards in the national school magazine competition held by Asociace středočeských klubů České republiky, z. s.

​Open Gate students visited CERN

Three Oktava students visited CERN as a special treat at the end of their studies. Students accompanied by two members of staff spent a day at the Swiss Nuclear Research organization.

​Veni, vidi, vici

The regional competition the “School Magazine of 2016” took place in Prague on Thursday 14 April 2016.

​It’s the seventh year of our swimming marathon!

The time of the year is here again – it’s time for the swimming marathon!

​Challenging Stereotypes: Tolerance Day at OG

A very special event, Tolerance Day, took place at OG in the morning of Thursday 17th March. Students from Kvarta to Oktava were given the unique opportunity to attend five rotating seminars, each focused on one of the major world religions and led by a special guest speaker.

​Lord of the Flies

The English department of Open Gate has decided to make a project based on a book called Lord of the Flies written by William Golding, where different English groups would work together on presenting the story in four different ways: as a puppet theater, a bird view theater, an animation, and a classical theater.

Maturita results

​The exam month this year ran from the 5.5. through to the 27.5. Of the 21 candidates this year only 3 chose the IB with Czech Language, 18 chose the complete State Maturita with 14 of them adding to that the entire IB Diploma package, and the remaining three doing Maturita with IB certificates.

Four OG students get their gold diploma DofE

The best of the best were last Wednesday invited to the Award ceremony to collect their certificates and medals; this time at the Černinsky Palace with Her Royal Highness Sophie, The Duchess of Wessex presenting.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

​This month, students of Sekunda have been studying various forms of graphic novels, their elements and structure.

International Baccalaureate Results

This year, more than 135,000 students in 141 countries took their International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations. While the global average score for diploma students was 29.81 points, Open Gate graduates achieved an average score of 35.7 points. The maximum possible score is 45 points.

Paragraph for Maths Challenge results 2013

The students of Open Gate Upper Gymnasium participated in the November 2013 UKMT Senior Maths Challenge on 7 November.

Great success in the Czech Olympiad for Tomáš Titěra

Last two days a regional round of the Czech Olympiad took place.

Our students successfully represented Open Gate in the rhetorical contest Mlady Demosthenes

Our students took part in the rhetorical contest Mlady Demosthenes which was organised in our school.

The Prague International and Befriended Schools Skiing + Snowboarding Slalom Race in Pec pod Snežkou

The four students of our school successfully and responsibly represented OPEN GATE this Saturday, January 26th during the sixth year of The Prague International and Befriended Schools Skiing + Snowboarding Slalom Race in Pec pod Snežkou.

Regional final competition in duatlon

Leoš Malec, a student from Tercie, successfully represented our school this Wednesday in Čelákovice in the regional final competition in duatlon

The most proficient youth and high school

Our students have succesfully passed the qualifying round of sport competition „O nejzdatnější mládež a střední školu“ („The most proficient youth and high school“)

Duathlon race in Čelákovice

On April 25th, four of our students took part in the local district duathlon race held in Čelákovice. 

Mladý Demosthenes, a rhetorical contest for young people

The contest Mladý Demosthenes took place at Open Gate for the first time

Pythagoriáda - maths competition

The students of prima in the middle of January attended their first math competition in the colors Open Gate. This competition was Pythagoriády district round, held on Wednesday, 18 January in the school building of Gymnázium Říčany.  By successfully completed a school round, 7 of the prima students qualified for this round. The students were Thea Kratochvílová, Johan Rott, Michal Svoboda, Martin Zilka, Vaclav Soukup, Michal  Medek and Jiří Kovář.

Skiing and Snowboarding slalom race

On 13rd -15th January, 2012, a few  OG  students took part in the 4th Annual Prague International and Befriended Schools Skiing and Snowboarding slalom race in Pec pod Sněžkou.

Maths Challenge news

It was the most successful year yet for the math students of OG. Six students took part in the UK Intermediate Mathematical  Challenge, all of them earning certificates including three golds.

The Skiing and Snowboarding Slalom Race

A few OG students took part in the 3rd Prague International Schools Skiing and Snowboarding Slalom Race in Pec pod Sněžkou.

Our students performed brilliantly in Logical Olympiad

Two weeks ago five students of our school - Pavel Munduch, Martin Jaroš, Martin Kábrt, Zuzka Matějková a Marek Svoboda - took part in the regional round of a competition called Logical Olympiad.

Math Challenge

On Thursday the 5th of November, fourteen students from Sexta, Septima, and Octava year groups participated in the UKMT Senior Mathematical Challenge.

Math Challenge