What has been happening in the English department this week?

Class 1

In class one, we have been learning about colours, and how we can make other colours through mixing particular colours. This week, we had an art project related to colours—colours of autumn leaves. Using leaves, sponges, and watercolours, the children were supposed to create autumn compositions with colourful leaves. (FM)

As the children were learning about animals in the Czech language, in the English language, we also decided to do revision about animals. In addition, we practised some grammar aspects she’s got and he’s got, and phonics R, J, and L. (FM)

Class 2

In class 2 this week, aside from all the other great work we did, we made some very delicious looking art projects based around food and dinner plates. You can see a couple in the attached pictures and you are very welcome to come by the classroom to have a look at them! (JU)

In PE this week, we had a multi-sport class. Some of the students played football and some played volleyball. Anezka and Cenda played basketball and they showed amazing progress with both of them getting the ball through the basketball hoop! (LR)

Class 3

Class 3 had a very enjoyable trip to the theatre on Wednesday with Sasa. Because of this, they missed their spelling which is no problem. They should follow the spellings on the weekly plan and spellingcity.com for Wednesday October 23rd. Other than that, they as usual had plenty of fun in English class during the week! (LR)

Class 4

In class 4 this week, we had a ‘something’ treasure hunt in the classroom which showcased the students’ wonderful imagination and creativity using English. We also had a Pictionary game to practise phonics and vocabulary and as usual we were treated to some wonderful pictures! (LR)

Class 5

In class 5 this week, we took advantage of the fine weather on Monday and got outside for an enjoyable of baseball. As the shorter days and colder weather draw in, it was great to get some fresh air and exercise! (LR)

Some of the class 5 students also put on their reporters’ hats to interview people in the canteen about Off Line Lunch which is every Friday and to find out people’s opinions and thoughts on putting the phones down and striking up a conversation over lunch. (ED)