The Refectory

Food Court OPEN GATE

We provide meals for our students with the focus on the issues of a healthy diet and its promotion into the daily lives of the students. Students have an opportunity of choosing from wide range of meals without having to order them previously. Breakfast is served in a form of buffet style with more than 30 food items including fruit salads, cereals, fresh vegetable, dairy products and dark bread. Students can also prepare their own morning snacks from a plentiful supply of ingredients.

During lunchtime students choose from the three main courses including vegetarian dish and two types of hot vegetable. There are also available fresh vegetable salads. The afternoon snacks largely consist of milk, dairy products and fresh fruit.

Hot dinners as well as the second dinners are also being served without pre-ordering. Starting from January next year students will take an active part on deciding the menu through the electronic voting system.

We would like to also offer you the opportunity to visit and purchase your meals in our canteen during opening hours, but at the time and date that meets your schedule and time requirements. Whether you would like to stop for lunch, or visit us for another reason, please send us a short message 24 hours before your scheduled visit to the email:

We will be very pleased to welcome you!

Here is the list of allergens.